Toilet Container

Toilet containers can be provided at short notice and be delivered to remote locations. These portable toilets offer a cheap yet hygienic washroom solution for project sites and events due to their affordability and ease of setting up. Single portable toilets were commonly used in the past. However, these portable toilets are not ideal in […]

Guardhouse Container & Cabin

Security staffs need an air-conditioned and protected enclosed shelter in order to check in / out vehicles and visitors, while remaining safe from outdoor elements. However, such guardhouse container & cabin can also be catered for a wide range of applications including but not limited to; ticket booths, kiosks, check stations, parking attendant shelters, security […]

Container Office

Office container is a newer phenomenon that typically provides both flexible private office space and shared open working areas. Companies are using individual shipping containers as mobile offices at construction sites, warehouses, manufacturing plants and etc. While others have even stretched the limits and used multiple containers to capture a unique, modern aesthetic.   […]