Furniture Customisation

Built to your specifications Designed to meet your requirement Unique within your space Quality you can trust […]

Steel Locker & Cabinet

Benefits of Steel Lockers & Cabinets Full Security: Since these storage units are built using metal and have a high standard key lock, they provide an end-to-end storage solution. Resistances: The majority who buy a metal storage unit make sure that it is resistant to bacteria, chemical, harmful material, as well as fire. Free from Pest: You won’t […]

Metal Bed Frame

Metal bed frame is low in maintenance. Firstly, insects and pests do not impact metal. Secondly, it is not as prone to fire as a wooden bed. Cleaning a metal bed is as simple as it can get. You only need to wipe it with a damp cloth, and you are done. It is also […]

Misc Temporary Facilities

Temporary facilities can be custom made according to the client’s specifications and can be fabricate or construct faster in emergencies or urgent needs. They are also cost-effective as they cost only a fraction of the price of permanent structures, more affordable maintenance costs and are relocatable.   […]

Substation Room

These substation rooms are cost efficient, reduce installation time and designed to be easily relocatable. More importantly they are much more sustainable compared to those conventional substation rooms.   […]

Hoarding & Fencing

Hoarding is a temporary form of signage that is mandatory for any construction business undertaking building work. It is utilised for safety and security purposes that provides protection and is extremely cost effective. Last but not least it can also be a great marketing tool. Fencing can either keep something out or keep something in. […]

Prefab Site Office

For any construction project, it is often required to have a place at the site where Project Managers, Engineers, and Site supervisors meet and discuss project progression and manage the project. In order to meet this requirement, the fastest and most effective way is to have a prefab site office.   Prefabricated technology have numerous […]

Prefab Dormitory / Camp

Purpose-Built Dormitories (PBDs) are specially designed and built with features to meet the needs of foreign employees. Amenities: E.g. Minimarts, Dedicated cooking areas, etc. Services: E.g. Laundry, Remittance, etc. Recreational Facilities: E.g. Gym, Outdoor Games Courts, etc.   […]

Container Customisation

Every customising project starts with a blank slate and tailor made to suit your needs, your exact specifications and your budget. Are you looking for a container to suit your needs or do you have a creative idea in mind which you want to customise ?   […]

Event Container

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