Guardhouse Container & Cabin

Security staffs need an air-conditioned and protected enclosed shelter in order to check in / out vehicles and visitors, while remaining safe from outdoor elements. However, such guardhouse container & cabin can also be catered for a wide range of applications including but not limited to; ticket booths, kiosks, check stations, parking attendant shelters, security offices, apartment access points, guard booths.
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Anderco's guardhouse containers & cabins are available for sale and rental, our guardhouse container comes with vinyl tiles flooring and complete with the below fittings and accessories.

Wooden door, LED fluorescent lightings, sliding windows, distribution box (DB), aircon, double electrical socket and aircon socket.

Sizes available:

10ft x 8ft x 8.5ft

8ft x 6ft x 8.5ft

Customisable upon request