Metal Bed Frame

  1. Metal bed frame is low in maintenance. Firstly, insects and pests do not impact metal. Secondly, it is not as prone to fire as a wooden bed.
  2. Cleaning a metal bed is as simple as it can get. You only need to wipe it with a damp cloth, and you are done. It is also the reason why they have become so popular with the masses.
  3. Metal bed frame has a solid built and are durable. An investment in a metal bed frame will last you a long time. Since metal is heavy, it doesn’t crumble under the weight of sleepers.
  4. Metal bed frame are more economical and will cost you lesser than a wooden bed.
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Anderco specialise in metal bed frames for workers’ dormitories and hostels in Singapore and we are definitely your best choice of metal beds supplier, as we only import quality metal beds.

We have several types of metal bed frame collection including army single bed frame, army double-decker bed frame, single steel bed frame, double-decker steel bed frame. Our metal bed frames are one of the most robust and durable in the market.