Misc Prefab Facilities

Prefabricated construction, or “prefab,” is a method of construction that  uses components made off-site in a factory, which are then transported put together on-site to create a structure. Prefabrication is an amazing technology that helps to reduce time and have many more benefits. Construction has always been about the speed and efficiency that can be […]

Architectural Work

Architectural work typically make up a building’s facade and serve as aesthetic purpose. It involves a wide spectrum, ranging from curtain walls, perforated screens and cladding, to skylights, trellis and louvres. These assemblies are usually non structural and come in various complex and unique forms […]

Modular Cabin

Modular cabins provide the perfect modern solution, whether you need a single temporary office or accommodation space, even for large-scale office or accommodation facilities. No matter what the building size, there are many benefits to using modular cabins for your needs. […]

Cabin Customisation

Cabins are a versatile and portable solution for both residential and commercial spaces. They can be used as project site office, marketing tools, pop – up events, accommodation and etc. In modern times, dynamic business environments require versatile and portable spaces thus becoming increasingly popular, as it consume less time to build, can have different […]

Metal Work

Metal work involve the process of shaping and reshaping metals to create useful objects, parts and assemblies. It covers a wide and diverse range of processes, skills, machineries and tools for producing objects. Modern metal working processes, though diverse and specialized, can be categorized into one of three broad areas known as forming, cutting, or joining […]

Structural Steel Work

Structural Steel work involve fabrication and installation of steel used to make building materials, such as beams, rails, and bars. The specific properties of structure steel may be targeted to influence a structure’s longevity and improve the safety of those within it. Structural steel is a wise choice for construction projects in Singapore for several […]

Solar Panel Installation

Solar panel, or photo-voltaic (PV) module, is an assembly of photo-voltaic cells mounted in a framework for installation. Solar panels use sunlight as a source of energy to generate direct current electricity. Solar panel installations have grown in popularity and efficiency while decreasing in price due to the green, clean energy revolution. Now is a […]

Covered Linkway

Covered linkway is one of those products that you use in between buildings or along walkways. The covered linkways is meant to provide protection against the sun, the rain, other harsh weather conditions and create great convenience for pedestrains. This is why Town Councils, Land Transport Authority, Schools and even Building Owners are installing these […]

Fibreglass Table & Bench

Benefits of fibreglass tables & benches Appearance Fibreglass tables & benches provide stunning appearance and look more modern and ideal for any environment. Long-Lasting and Strong Besides their high-end feel and sleek look, fibreglass has a lot of technical advantages. The profound benefit of choosing fibreglass over other material is that it is incredibly stronger […]

Office Furniture

Office furniture is simply the collection of necessary furniture that is used in an office and to set up the environment which is conducive of focus and productivity for all employees who work there. Office furniture includes Desks, Chairs, Sofas, Conference/Meeting Hall Tables, Storages, Cabinets, Lockers and etc.   […]